Advanced technology for optimizing today's advanced bioprocesses

Bioprocess industries are our focus.   Business process intelligence software delivering bioprocess optimization and financial results. 
Advanced, revolutionary microbial and macro bioprocess optimization technology that makes it happen.  Proven for biofuels, renewable chemicals, biotechnology, ag-bio, aquaculture, poultry production, pharmaceuticals, enzymes, food processing... for process types including fermentations, anaerobic digestions, biomass cultivations, animal and fish production systems, and targeted substance extractions from biological materials.

21st Century Advanced OptimizationTechnology

To see what our technology can do for your bioprocess, please take a few moments to watch a presentation of the BioXcelerator Technology Advantage   .

You may be interested in our follow-on video examining four Case Studies illustrating application of our technology over a very diverse set of bioprocess applications.

Use this Excel spreadsheet for a custom analysis of a benefits of a proforma bioprocess optimization for your company. For profit driven production you can analyze scenarios for financial margin impact at selected optimization levels. For organizations producing bioproducts used for internal consumption, you can analyze the additional savings from optimizing production relative to market value purchases.